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Borman Hotchkiss

Rare Hotchkiss
Zinc Fuse Plug Missing
Has 14 Sec. Boremann Time Fuse
Cat. #SHE1

us parrott

12 lb. US Parrot
Has Fuse Adapter
Excavated In VA.
Cat. #SHE4

6 lb. solid

6 lb. Solid Shot
Excavated In VA. - Cat. #SHE7

12 lb britten

Rare 12 lb.Britten Shell
6" Long
Excavated In VA. - Cat. #SHE10


2.5" Hotchkiss
Complete with Base & Sabot
Missing Percussion Fuse
Cat. #SHE2


Schenkl Shell
Pitted - Missing Fuse
Excavated In VA.
Cat. #SHE5

12 lb. solid shot

12 lb. Solid Shot
Excavated In VA. - Cat. #SHE8

CS 6/b. Boreman

6 lb. Confederate Bormann
Excellent Condition
Excavated In VA.
Cat. #SHE3

CS Side Load

12 lb. CS Side Loader
Some Pitting
Excavated In VA.
Cat. #SHE6

55 lb. Mortar

55 lb. Mortar Shell
Pick Up Only!
Cat. #SHE9